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Banknotes from the First World War...


Banknotes from the Second World War...


Infuence, persuasion and manipulation on paper money...

Siege Notes

Paper money issued during sieges throught the world...

Gambling & Lottery Tickets

Taking a chance on destiny's dance...


Sample currency used to showcase designs and features...

Polymer Notes

With enhanced hologram security for anti-counterfiting...

Hyperinflation Banknotes

The devastating consequence of extreme currency creation...

  • Colin Narbeth

    More than 50 years ago, Colin was one of the few enthusiasts scattered around the globe...

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  • The I.B.N.S.

    Founded by Colin Narbeth in 1961, the International Bank Note Society...

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  • Bankotes On Screen

    We supply banknotes to various film, television & theatre productions....

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  • The British Museum

    View some of the notes the British Museum has bought from us over the years...

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  • The Evolution of Banknotes

    The origins of paper money were in China...

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  • Forming a Banknote Collection

    Collectors make up a very important part of our civilisation...

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  • Grading Banknotes

    Telling the difference between VG and UNC...

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  • Bankotes to Watch Out For

    Is your £5 note worth £100 or more?

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  • French Revolution

    La Nation Récompense le Dénonciateur (The Nation Rewards the Informer)...

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  • Operation Bernhard

    The Nazi forgeries meant to destroy the UK economy...

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