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Q: Do you have a minimum order?
A: Yes, our minimum order is £10. 

Q: How much is UK postage for banknotes?
A: UK postage for banknotes is free.

Q: Do you send banknotes overseas?
A: Yes, to some countries- postage is roughly £7.75. If we do not post direct to your country, please get in contact as we may be able to help. We are not sending to EU countries at present.

Q: Do you send albums or books overseas?
A: No sorry, we do not send albums or books overseas. 

Q: Do you post to PO Box addresses?
A: No sorry, we don't post to PO Box addresses because the Post Office will not let us insure those orders. Please provide us with a full street address.

Q: Do you offer layaway terms?
A: Yes we do. Please contact us at for details. Normally 6 payments over 6 months.

Q: Are you interested in buying modern Bank of England polymer error notes? 
A: No, we are not interested in purchasing modern Bank of England polymer error notes.